Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dangerous Slope Ahead

It  happened again.

North Anna Battlefield Park
North Anna Battlefield Park

Sarah dragged me into the woods for a hike.  And once again, I let her choose the Blue Trail.

North Anna Battlefield Park

Even the trees were screaming, "No! Don't take the blue trail."

But we took the blue trail.

We made it to the end.  The trail ends at a lovely little, fast moving river.  It wasn't quite warm enough to dip our toes into the water, but we sat by the river for a while, eating our packed breakfast and reading.  (Neither of us ever leave home without our Kindles.)  It was a really nice way to spend the morning.

Let me rephrase that, the hike down to the river was a nice way to spend the morning.  The hike back up the Dangerous Slope was not so nice and I have to admit, I was in agreement with the screaming tree.  Or I would have been if I'd had enough breath left to scream.

A screaming tree at North Anna Battlefield park, Blue trail.
Don't take the Blue Trail!

By the end of the hike, when the parking lot was almost in view, my poor legs were so tired I was  barely moving & practically tripping over the grains of sand on the path.

Sarah still has energy after taking the Blue Trail.

Meanwhile, Sarah was still full of energy.

Good grief!  I think I might need an exercise program.

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