Friday, March 11, 2016


I am so glad I ignored my to-do list yesterday & didn't write today's Fascinating Friday post in advance.

1,000 Twitter Followers

Why, you ask?  Because this morning, I woke up to find I had reached 1,000 Twitter Followers.  In my hermit like introverted world, it's a big deal.  Or at least it is to me.  To celebrate, I jumped around with the dogs, (why do things like this never happen when another human is home??) and gave them a rare, early morning Scooby snack.  And to celebrate with you, I'm offering a coupon code (JGKTHANKSYOU) for 10% off anything in my Etsy shop.

As for knitting news,

hand knit wool shawl, the Pebble Beach shawl, knit with Knit Picks Palette
Pebble Beach

Thanks to Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise, I started a Pebble Beach Shawl last night.

And yes, I put in a life line on row 25.  Another first and exciting thing for me to report on Fascinating Friday.  I rarely knit lace without wishing I'd used a life line, but I just never think to put one in until the dreaded disaster has already been made and it's too late.  But my vision is still a little off and apparently, I'm getting smarter in my old age.

Anyway, I'd seen the Pebble Beach shawl Karen is knitting and fell in love with the color.  And since I like her yarn color, I must like the pattern too, right?  I'm knitting mine with Marine Heather Palette that's been in the stash pile for a while.  The pattern provides instructions for three different sizes (I'm knitting a medium) and seems to be well written & is quite easy to follow.  While I normally prefer charted patterns, this one is written out line by line which turns out to be a nice feature.  Each line of instructions is followed by a stitch count so there's no math involved when determining if your stitch count is accurate.  And, my favorite feature - the pattern tells you that you've reached the 5, 10, 15, 20%.... completion points.  I've never seen a pattern do that before but it's a super nice feature when knitting a large, solid color beast that grows in width with each row of knitting.  Granted, I haven't even reached the 5% mark yet & I've already put in a life line so I may be cursing those little percent completed numbers at some point but for now, I'm excited to be coming up on the 5% done mark.


  1. Congrats on reaching a milestone! I guess I need to get on Twitter.....