Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Under Pressure

"Pressure, pushing down on me..."

Yeah.  I have Under Pressure stuck in my head.

I took (and passed) my work required drug test last weekend which means The Season starts soon.    I go this weekend for training and once that's done, they'll give me my schedule.  Normally, I don't start working until the first weekend in March but my job offer said my start date is Feb. 7th, which happens to be training day.  And all of that was a very long, drawn out way of saying that I may not have another free weekend until November.

No more weekends until November??


Under Pressure!

I'm suddenly feeling the deep dark need Need to knit all ALL the things.  I'm a little freaked out about how many things I want to knit before I go back to work.  Okay, not "a little freaked."  I'm feeling more like, seriously under pressure to get all the projects that are too difficult and/or bulky to knit at work.  If I don't knit them now, they won't get knit until November.

And since I'm in total panic mode, I'm being my typical self and doing nothing.  I'm just sitting here, hour after hour, staring at my computer screen and knitting bag but not actually touching either one.

I really need a new song to sing.  Something more like this one.

Okay, so now that I'm not worrying...

I can talk calmly about knitting.  I finished one of my polygamy knitting projects.  It turned out fairly well considering I didn't have a pattern and was knitting it based on my very shaky memory of a hat I'd knit for my daughter some 16 years ago.

As for the other polygamy projects, I haven't even picked up the Hitchhiker scarf since last week.  The other hat is another inch or two longer and the mitered square blanket has four or five more squares.  Like I said, not much knitting is getting done these days.  I'm just way too busy doing my totally panicked stone statue routine to knit.

And I have to say, Bob Marley isn't really helping this time.  Got a suggestion for a better song for me to sing?

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