Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Dining Room

Do you use your dining room?  Do you even have a dining room?  So many newer homes don't and that's kinda sad.

Recently, a friend called with the news that Annie, another friend of ours, was acting in a community theater play and did I want to go see it.  I said sure and never even asked the name of the play.

So last night, Traci drove us to the theater & while giving her really bad directions and getting us just a tiny bit lost, I asked, "What's the name of the play?  What's it about?"  Traci's response was, "It's The Dining Room.  It's about what goes on in a dining room."  Wow, I thought.  Good thing our friend is in it & I'm really looking forward to seeing her because an entire play about a dining room sounds painfully boring.  And I didn't even bring my knitting.

The Dinning Room, a  play staring Annie Zannetti all about life in a dinning room.  Photo borrowed from HCP's Facebook page
Huguenot Community Players presents The Dining Room

It turns out, the play was not boring at all.  The play was fantastic FANTASTIC!  And it really was about the life experiences that happen in a typical dining room.  The dining room table takes on the lead role in the play and well, as usual, I'm not explaining it very well, but it was like watching my life unfold up on the stage.  I laughed and giggled and grinned guiltily and I laughed again and I sobbed and I laughed some more.

I really can't say enough about the play.  It was fabulous.   The show is put on by Huguenot Community Players  and runs through March 6th so if you are anywhere near Richmond, go see it.  Tickets are inexpensive, not much more than a cup of fancy coffee really, and the show is totally worth it.  And if you're jonesing for that cup of coffee, they serve it at intermission.

And because after the play, we went to dinner with several of the actors and the play's director & a few of them seemed skeptical when I was explaining how our family claimed inheritable items by taping our names to said items....

The back of a painting I claimed as my own.