Thursday, February 25, 2016

On the needles

This week has felt crazy busy yet my calendar tells a different story.  Honestly, I think I've spent the entire week watching Buffy re-runs, knitting and pretending my son hasn't moved away.   At least the knitting has been somewhat productive.  I finished the Splash hat.  And I probably gained ten pounds in the process just thinking about eating mint ice cream.

mint green striped hat for sale at

And I decided the 10-Stitch blanket knit with my collection of Hawthorne yarns was a bad idea.  I just didn't like the way it was looking so I frogged it and decided to knit a hat instead.

brown and blue striped hat for sale at
Hawthorne Buckman

Two hats, actually.

gorgeous green knit hat for
Hawthorne Poseidon

I can not express how much I love this Poseidon colorway.  The photo doesn't begin to do the yarn justice.  There's something about the color fluctuations that make that knitted fabric glitter like fish scales in the sun light.  But pretty fish scales.  Like mermaid scales, not yucky, smelly fish scales.  If a knitting apocalypse struck and I was only able to knit with one color yarn for the rest of my life, I think I'd be okay with it being this color.  It's just gorgeous!

Actually, I thought we were having an apocalypse yesterday.

tornados and heavy rain storms swept through Virginia 2/24/16
Tornado Rain

That line of tornado producing storms that tore up the US from Louisiana yesterday hit our area.  We spent most of the afternoon and early evening hiding out in the bathroom.  Today, we're counting our blessings.  We got almost a full inch of rain in less than 15 minutes and I thought the thunder booms were going to knock the house off it's foundation, but considering the devastation to the north and east of us, we were dammed lucky!  My thoughts and prayers go out to those families who were not so lucky.

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