Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mitered Squares

The never ending mitered square blanket...

167 out of 252 mitered squares have been knit so far.
167 Mitered Squares

I'm not as close to being finished with this monstrosity as I thought.  Originally, it was going to be 10 squares by 20 squares, but 10 squares across just wasn't quite wide enough and well, apparently I can't count to twenty accurately.  The new plan is to make it 12 x 21 squares.  Twelve by twenty-one squares plus a two inch border all the way around should make it the perfect size to cuddle up with on the couch.

And if I'm lucky, I'll be so old and shriveled by the time I finish knitting the squares, I won't even need the border's added length.

And to prove that even though I can't count to 20 accurately, I can do basic math.....  12 x 21 = a total of 252 squares.  167 have been knit.  Only 85 more to go.

Eighty-five more squares to knit.  Sounds sort of horrible.  But, I'm using up scrap yarns and I love to use up things.  It's nice and colorful so it's never boring.  There's no pattern to the color scheme so I can use what ever color next that I want and if I'm in a no decision making mood, I can just close my eyes & grab the next ball blindly from the pile.  And it doesn't hurt that each little scrap ball I knit with is a walk down memory lane.

Have you knit a mitered square blanket?  If so, feel free to share a photo in the comments.


  1. good luck!! it's gorgeous!! I am doing the ten stitch blanket in sock yarn and it is so very slow going. I am enjoying it though.

  2. Thank you! I started a 10-stitch scrap sock yarn blanket too but put it on hold. I was afraid I didn't have enough yarn! LOL I love your avatar, btw.