Monday, February 29, 2016

February in Review

Yikes!  I've obviously suffering from startitis this month with no symptoms of finishitis in sight.  Let's take a look at what I've knit.

hand knit Hitchhiker scarf

There was the Hitchhiker scarf knit with Knit Pick's Hawthorne in Irvington.

mint green striped slouchy hat
Splash Hat

A hat made from Knit Pick's Felici Splash.

tea totes made in spring colors for mothers day, easter and teachers gifts
Tea Totes

Twenty-two felt tea totes in various color combinations.  Okay, these aren't knit, but I did make them and they are going on the list because I deserve credit for sewing on 22 buttons.  I made them in spring colors of purple, teal, pale blue, several shades of green, pink and brown.  The brown ones are my favorite because the colorful buttons really 'pop' against the dark brown felt.

hand knit can cozy available for sale at
River Rock Can Cozy

And last but not least, I knit another can cozy with some left over River Rock yarn.  This cozy is very manly.

Sadly, that is all the knitting projects that got finished this month.  I blame the lack of finished objects on it being February and a short month.  Even if we did have an extra day.

Happy Leap Year!

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