Friday, February 26, 2016

Fascinating Friday

What's so fascinating today?

fingering weight sock yarn in faded jewel tones
Falling For You

Falling For You from fellow Etsian, Knit Knot Studios.

I am LOVING this yarn!  It's a 2ply, fingering weight Superwash Merino/Nylon blend and it's an absolute joy to knit with.  I knit very loosely, so loosely that I always have to go down two or three needle sizes. The recommended needle for this yarn is a US 2 or 3 and the yarn looks a little stringy (not fuzzy) and I tend to knit even looser when using 'stringy' yarns.  I was a little worried.  I also lost my sock knitting mojo several years ago.  I just burned out on sock knitting.  Total, absolute burnout.  But, my sock drawer was starting to show signs of not being added to.  Plus, have you seen this colorway?

sock yarn from Knit Knot Studios
Falling For You, Knit Knot Studios

Forget my slowly emptying sock drawer.  Look at that colorway!  How could I not get my sock knitting mojo back with a skein of that in my hands?

I told that little niggling voice in my head to hush, broke out the US1 needles and cast on.  It would be fine.  I wouldn't end up wasting my time and the beautiful yarn knitting a big, fish net looking mess.

slip stitch socks in faded jewel tone colors for Jeannie Gray Knits
Falling For You socks

Fifteen minutes later I was on my way to having a sock.  A real sock!  Not some hot mess that is knit so loosely it could be used as a fishing net.

I absolutely LOVE this yarn!  The color, oh my gosh, the color!  The colors are brilliant jewel tones, except they look slightly faded or worn, like my favorite pair of jeans.  And what could be better than worn blue jeans?  'Stringy' looking, fingering weight sock yarn that knits up quickly on US1 needles, that's what!  Oh, my gosh, I love this yarn!  And by the way, it does not feel like I'm knitting with string.  It feels like pure joy.

And have you seen the candy corn colorway Knit Knot Studios is currently offering?  You know how I feel about candy corn.  My bank account may be in trouble.

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