Friday, February 12, 2016

Fascinating Friday - Chocolate Socks

Thankfully I have something a little bit more exciting to share with you in this week's Fascinating Friday post than just cold coffee.  Not exactly "I climbed Everest" exciting, but exciting for me.

yarn from
Belgian Chocolate Shavings

I have new yarn from Expression Fiber Arts.  I've been following this shop on Facebook for over a year but had never bought any of their yarns.  I have no idea why because EFA's color ways are to die for.  Anyway, I bought some new, never used by me yarn from a new, never ordered from before shop.  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's called Belgian Chocolate Shavings.  I can almost taste chocolate every time I look at it.

hand knit socks with lace pattern for
Chocolate Socks

And just to be extra fascinating this week, I'm knitting socks in a pattern I've never knit before.  The pattern itself is a slightly modified version of the Diagonal Lace Socks in Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson.  Obviously, I'm not knitting mine toe up, plus my stitch count is a little different, but the basic lace pattern is the same.  It's also a super easy to remember lace pattern so, yay!

And one more surprise fascinating thing.  Look how different the yarn's color looks in the two photos.  It's magic yarn!  When you set the yarn on a wooden desk or hold it in your hand, it just looks brown.  But when you put it on something red, it turns a rusty shade.  When viewed with a blue background, it turns almost gray and it turns pink against a pink background.  How cool is that?

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