Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Today's post is pretty much a repeat of last week's.

a look at what's on the knitting needles today. Hitchhiker scarf, hat & socks.
OTN 02/16/16

The one major drawback to knitting multiple projects at once - no visible progress.  I knit and I knit and I knit but there's nothing new to see.  My Hitchhiker scarf has 34 teeth now, but I swear it hasn't grown an inch in length.  The Chocolate socks are two pattern repeats longer, and the Splash hat has a few rows of stockinette stacked on top of the ribbing.  The mitered square blanket does have quite a few more squares on it now, just enough to make me realize I need to make it two or three squares wider, but not enough to make it worth the hassle of clearing off a space big enough to photograph it.  So, like I said - today's OTN status is pretty much a repeat of last week's.

Just so you have something new to look at....

a heavy duty packing tape dispenser
My new best friend

Did you even know they made regular desktop tape dispensers for packing tape?  I am so freaking glad I discovered that they do.  We all know I'm not the most coordinated gal on the block and packing up Etsy orders was always a nightmare.  It would take me $20 in tape & 45 minutes to tape up one little package.  No matter if I used the giant & awkward professional tape roller, the tiny little freebie one that sometimes comes with the packing tape, or no dispenser at all, I'd end up with yards and yards of tape stuck to me, my desk and my files and if I was lucky enough to get any tape on the package, it would have either fingerprints or carpet fuzz in it. It's pretty clear that tape rollers and I do not get along.  But I discovered this desk type dispenser, and immediately fell in love with it.  It's actually two dispensers in one as it holds both wide packing tape & regular tape, or in my case, washi tape.  It also has a pencil/scissor holder (just in case I have to cut may way out of the mangled mess I make with the tape.)

Meanwhile, Max is throwing himself a pity party today.  We got eight or nine inches of snow yesterday and today it is pouring down rain.  POURING rain!  We've had hurricanes with less rain.  I'm just happy that it's rain and not snow or freezing rain.  Max is not so happy however.  He's wet and miserable and his fur is so thick, he may never dry.

sad max, he's an old wet dog.
Max 02/16/16

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