Monday, January 4, 2016

Whale of a good time

I'm having a whale of a good time knitting these buttoned brim hats.

knitted blue whale button brim hat
Blue Whale Hat

I finished the denim blue one yesterday during the Redskins/Cowboys game yesterday.  #HTTR!

knitted whale button brim hat
Whale button

I just absolutely love those adorable whales on the button.  And since I had more whale buttons, I started a red one.

knitting red whale hat and marigold socks
OTN 1/4/16

And I also decided I needed to cross something off my to-do list so I cast on the second Marigold sock.  I was suffering from a major case of SSS (second sock syndrome) but it feels really good to have the second sock started. Hopefully the second sock won't drag on as long as the first one.

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