Sunday, January 31, 2016

January in Review

January was more productive than I'd realized.  I knit lots of mini wallets, some with keychains attached.

knitted wallet, tea tote, gift card holder
Pink Keychain Wallet

It's amazing how much I can fit into one of those little pouches.

mini wallets & tea totes for sale at
Keychain wallets & tea totes

I finished the Marigold socks.

hand knit socks for me.
Marigold Socks

And I knit five hats.

knit hat with octopus button
Octopus Hat

ladies knit hat with whale button
Whale Hat

womens knit hat with snowflake rhinestone
Red Snowflake Hat

charcoal gray hat with snowflake button
Charcoal Gray Snowflake Hat

knit slouchy wool ski hat
Slouchy Hat

Not too shabby.  I'd say I put a fair sized dent in the knitting to-do list this month.

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