Monday, January 18, 2016

It lives!

Yay! The blog is alive!  I was starting to have serious doubts.

Last Thursday evening, I took the blog down so that I could do some major renovations to it.  I'd finally scratched "buy a domain name" off my to-do list and it was time to connect the two.  And while I was in there fiddling around, pretending that I have a clue what html is, I wanted to link my Etsy shop in a way so that you could get to it in one click.

Well, it quickly became VERY obvious that I do not have a clue as to what html is.  Things went badly and then they turned even worse.  I got the shop linked, but then the blog simply disappeared.  I finally got the blog back but then I was locked out of my Etsy shop.  I was finally able to get back into the shop, but now the blog had reverted back to it's old site address...  The new .com address wasn't working.  It was stressful and I consumed, on average, three pots of coffee every hour for about 46 hours straight.

Thank goodness for tech-loving kids!  My son finally got so sick of hearing me curse & swear at anybody & anything that crossed my path that he took pity on me and came to my rescue.  He ended up spending every one of  his non-working, waking hours for two days helping me.  He will now forever be the favorite child.

I have no idea how Zack managed to fix the site for me.  By the time he took over, about all I was capable of doing was sitting, curled up in a ball over in the corner, muttering curse words to myself and barely knitting stockinette in the round.  I was a pathetic mess.

While the whole frustrating process about drove me mad and I'm missing a few handfuls of hair, my teeth are chipped from the caffeine shakes and the neighbors are now very much aware of my potty mouth, I'm sort of glad it happened.  Sort of.  Yes, I wish that everything would have gone as simply as the domain supplier said it would, but I'm glad, sort of, that the blog crashed & burned for a few days.  And the reason is because, I really, really missed blogging.  Which surprised me.  I realized how much I enjoy turning the blank screen into, albeit bad, pictures of yarn and knitted things.  I've got a new respect for the blog and plan to take better care of it in the future.

So, with that being said....

Not much knitting got done over the last few days.  I knit a few more rounds on 'the hat.'

knitted striped hat
The Hat

The hat still doesn't have a name.  Sadly, it may go onto Ravelry with the unceremonious name of The Hat.

hand knit socks
Marigold Sock #2

The second Marigold sock has a heel and gusset, except I just noticed that that photo doesn't show the gusset.  Oh well.  You'll have to trust me.  It has a gusset and I'm a few rounds into the foot.  And that means I can check that task off for the week.  Well, last week.  This week's to-do says I need to knit until I'm ready to decrease for the toes.

first snowfall of 2016
20 minutes into the snow storm

We had our first snowfall of the winter yesterday.  The first hour or so was like a total white out.  Honestly, it scared me a little because it came as a total surprise and we were not prepared for a big blizzard.  It turned out to be the perfect snow storm though.  It snowed like Hell, the view from the desk window was awesome, the ground was covered but it never stuck on the roads at all.  The. Perfect. Snow.

There's just something so American about snow on a flag.

And I just love how the snow looks on the flag.  I don't know what it is about snow on a flag, but I just love the image.  It's just so American.  Okay, so maybe I'm still mentally traumatized by the whole website fiasco.  What ever.  I do love the image of snow on the flag.

So, to put this novel to rest.... Take a look around the new website.  Notice it's now super simple to type into the search bar.  It's just instead of jeanniegrayknits.blablabla.blablabla....  Please make any necessary changes to your bookmarks or however you routinely find me.  Take a look around the site and let me know if you find any links or pages that aren't working properly.  For the most part, I think everything is fixed now, although there are a few improvements I still want to make here and there.  One other important thing - if you have a blog & were on my blog roll, please, oh please send me a link to your blog.  For unknown reasons, my blog roll disappeared in the fiasco and was not recoverable.  And if you know me, you know I can't remember names, which means, I can't remember the name of your blog to search for it.  Help a girl out & send me a link.  Please!

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