Friday, January 22, 2016

Fascinating Friday

My first Fascinating Friday post... and I have to admit, the week sort of got away from me.  I'm cutting myself a little slack this week since I only made the decision to do this on Tuesday.  I've only had four days to experience something new and fascinating.  Not to mention it's been in the teens every day which means it's just been too cold to be fascinating.

But, I did discover and begin something new and seriously fascinating.  Have you heard of Airtable?  It's Air plus Table because it's a spreadsheet/database in the cloud.  And it's free and it's the most awesome thing I've seen in years.  I might even be more excited about Airtable than I am about my yarn stash!  It's that cool.

Airtable @airtable

It's a spreadsheet and a database and so much more.  And even better, it's incredibly easy to use.  We all know how computer challenged I am but within minutes of logging in, I already had six different databases set up & functioning.  It's that easy!

You should really go check it out.  Go Google it and/or watch a YouTube video about it.  Even if you think you don't have reasons to use a spreadsheet or database, go check it out.  Besides businessy things, you can keep track of meal plans, restaurants to try, hiking trails to explore, your reading list, or simply your Roladex.

Well, that's my 'new thing' for the week.  And now, I'm off to play with it some more before the power goes out.

Have I mentioned we are having a blizzard?  Depending on whether it changes over to ice (Oh joy!  Ice!) or stays snow, we are supposed to get somewhere between six and 24 inches of snow.  I think we are ready.  We have a freezer full of meat we can cook on the grill (& keep frozen in the snow if necessary,) I have a well stocked yarn stash pile, the wine rack is full & there's two unopened bottles of bourbon in the bar, I have an economy sized bag of Peppermint Patties stashed away and I've got several books on the Kindle waiting to be read.  I think I'm ready.

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