Thursday, January 28, 2016

Autumn in Alta

Well, this post is loooooong over due!

hand knit poncho
Autumn in Alta Poncho

I'm finally getting around to showing you my Autumn in Alta Poncho.

wool poncho hand knit
Autumn in Alta Poncho

I finished knitting it back in mid October but didn't get around to blocking it until the week before Christmas.  There's nothing like the excitement of having a huge, giant brown poncho spread out over your dining room table the week before Christmas, let me tell you.

hand knit wool poncho knit with worsted Wool of the Andes wool
Autumn in Alta Poncho

I'd put off taking pictures of it because (a) it was 79 degrees at Christmas and just way too hot for modeling a heavy, wool poncho and (b) I sort of hated the finished piece.  Right after blocking, I'd tried it on and looked in the mirror and immediately decided I looked like a huge giant Hershey Kiss and would never be seen in public wearing the poncho.  I liked the pattern and I liked the wool I used.  Honestly, I think the tweedy brown is a good color for me.  But the combination of the poncho's shape and my body shape....  Well, Huge, giant Hershey Kiss.

But, part of the whole Fascinating Fridays 'thing' is me getting out of my rut, me getting over things like my Hershey Kiss shaped body and getting on with life & living.  And part of life and living was modeling my Autumn in Alta poncho.  Modeling it for the camera and showing you the outcome.

As it turned out, I don't mind the photos.  I don't think I look quite as much like a huge, giant Hershey Kiss as I thought I did.  Granted, you aren't seeing the pictures where I look like I'm about 18 months pregnant, pregnant with triplets.  But I'm okay with the pictures I'm showing you.

As for the poncho itself, the pattern was well written and it was a super easy knit.  Beginners would have no trouble with this project.  Experienced knitters might find that much solid color stockinette somewhat tedious, but that tediousness made it the perfect 'knit while I read or watch TV in the dark' project.  And if you're curious, I used Wool of the Andes in Lava Heather and #7 & #9 needles.

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