Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A new tangent

I started another hat the other day.

knitted slouchy hat for sale at
Self striping hat

No buttons in sight on this one.  Sadly, I started it then pretty much abandoned it to the far corner of my desk.

The second marigold sock is also laying over there on the far corner of the desk.  It has a quarter of it's heel knit.  This week's goal is to finish the heel and since it's only Wednesday, I can still say I'm on schedule.  I really don't know why I'm having such a hard time pushing through to finish that sock, but I definitely am.

Besides just plain bull-headedness, there's a reason those projects have been left to collect dust on the far corner of my desk.  I'm off on a new tangent.

knitted keychain wallets
Keychain wallets

Knitted keychain wallets.  At first, they were going to be knitted tea bag pouches.  I sold a bunch of felt pouches, for what I assume were Christmas gifts, and I wanted to restock the Etsy shop, except I was too lazy to dig out the sewing machine.  I decided to knit them instead of sewing them.  I knit a few with button closures then got the idea of making them so that they didn't need a button.  A made a few "self-sealing" ones then got the idea of attaching a keychain to them.  Now they are not just tea bag totes.  Now they can carry your debit card, drivers license, chapstick and a tea bag.  Since they are ribbed, they are super stretchy & it's pretty amazing how much stuff I can cram into one.  I'm hoping I'll knit a ton of them before I get distracted by some new project.  I'm avoiding Ravelry and Pinterest like the plague.

Meanwhile, Max wishes I'd knit him a nose cover.

a dog with a scraped nose

Silly dog!  Santa brought him a giant bone and each morning, he takes it outside & buries it then each evening, he goes out, digs it up & brings it back inside for the night.  And yes, my house is sporting a lovely new layer of dirt from this process.  But the thing is, Max doesn't dig with his feet like a normal dog.  He digs with his nose.  And he's dug so much lately that he's rubbed a raw spot.  Silly dog!


  1. Very cool! I love yarn but only know how to knit a never ending scarf. My goofy pooch Daisy will get a rawhide chew bone and spend 1/2 an hour hiding it and changing her mind and re-hiding it in a better spot, and re-hiding, and re-hiding. Then she goes back and tries to steal the other dog's rawhide chewies! I find hers hidden all over the house. She favors the laundry room and behind the couch. She really can hardly handle the stress of getting a new one!

    1. If you can knit a scarf, you can knit anything! It's all just how you manipulate the stitches. As for the dog bones, dogs are so silly. Our other dog "buries" hers by dropping them into the one air vent we have that doesn't have a cover on it. It's so full of bones & balls, it's a wonder any heat comes out of it at all.