Saturday, January 9, 2016


My daughter scared the bejesus out of me this afternoon.  She went out to run errands but immediately came running back into the house hollering something unintelligible.

Nissan Altima flipped 200,000 miles today
Altima, 1/9/16

She'd started the car and noticed it was on exactly 200,000 miles.  We both thought it was pretty cool and worth hollering about.

Meanwhile, in knitting world...

hand knit sock OTN 1/9/16
Marigold Sock #2

While I'd hoped to be further along, the marigold sock is on schedule.  My written knitting to-do list says it needs to have the leg knit by the end of the weekend.  Unless the dog eats it, I got that, no problem.

hand knit hat with rhinestone snowflake

And both the red and charcoal gray snowflake hats have been knit and listed in my Etsy shop.

hand knit slouchy hat with rhinestone snowflake button

The photos don't really show how sparkly these snowflake buttons are but even so, you have to admit, those snowflakes really "pop" against the red and gray backgrounds.

snowflake button on hand knit hat available for sale
Rhinestone Snowflake Button

I'm so pleased with the way they turned out.


  1. 200k is very cool!! it's rare to actually catch the speedometer in the moment it's on the right digits. And those hats are lovely- those snowflake buttons are the perfect detail.

    1. Thank you! I'm seriously crushing on those snowflake buttons. So glad I stumbled across them in the button shop.