Sunday, December 20, 2015

Only four days to go

Thankfully both the Christmas Panic Knitting and the Christmas Panic To-Do lists are winding down.  The tree is up and sort of decorated.  It only has about eight decorations on it instead of our normal gazillion but at this point, I'm not sure anyone cares.  Surprisingly, I sort of like the minimalist look.

I've also discovered a photo editing option that blurs out the extraneous junk pile & the fact that my husband is watching a TV show about backhoes.  Yay for photo editing!

hand knit
Princess Cardigan

The Princess Cardigan is blocking.  And taking a lifetime to dry.  I'm hoping to take the sweater button shopping tomorrow so it's now being blocked at a weird angle in a sunny window.

with cabled cuffs
Top Down Sweater 

The tiny little top down sweater with cabled cuffs is also finished & blocking.

yarn for the five by five cowl scarf
Five by Five
And the yarn for the next project has been wound and is ready to go.

bad dog, not excited for Santa

Meanwhile, Minnie is not stressing over Christmas & Santa's arrival.  She pretty much knows how she's behaved this year.  She says there's no point in getting excited.

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