Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On the needles

The princess cardigan has sleeves!

child's sweater, princess cardigan,
OTN 12/16/15

Okay, so the sleeves aren't sewn on yet, but at least they've been knit.  It's just a matter of sewing them on, knitting the button band & collar, then a quick wash & blocking, then sew on some buttons, choose a dye color....

Wait!  Did I say buttons??  Crud.  I haven't bought the buttons yet.  Back to the store I go....

max is worried about what Santa will think.  dogs, pets,
Oh no! What will Santa say?

Meanwhile, Max is a little worried about what Santa will think of his recent behavior.  I bought him a new bed and he refuses to lay on it.  He lays beside it, but not on it.  And when I try to coax him into laying on the bed, he growls.  Bad dog!

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