Thursday, December 3, 2015

Great Aunt Jeannie

Remember me mentioning that I'd finally gotten to meet my adorable great-nephew on Thanksgiving and how my dear, sweet sister and her adult children are teaching the baby to call me Great Aunt Jeannie?  Great Aunt Jeannie with the emphasis on the Great.  Remember how I'm throwing a little bit of a hissy fit about it?  I mean, come on.  Great Aunts are old.  Old and frowny-faced.  Old and frowny-faced and they sit all lady-like and proper while pinching your cheeks.

Great Aunt Susan at Christmas, 1987??
Great Aunt Susan, Christmas, 1987 or 1988

While I'll admit that I've got a bit more gray hair than I like to think about and I do occasionally get frowny-faced, I do not sit like a proper lady and pinch cheeks.  I am not Great Aunt material.  Not yet!

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