Friday, November 13, 2015

Giving Thanks to my Etsy Customers

Yikes, I just realized it's Friday 13th.  That wouldn't normally bother me because while I was raised to be superstitious about it, in all  honesty, I tend to have better than average luck on Friday 13th's.  But, today, my baby girl has taken my car for the day and I'm still a little twitchy about her driving by herself.  I'll admit, she'll be 55 years old & I'll still be nervous about my 'baby girl' driving but cut me some slack about it today.  It's Friday the 13th.

But, this post is supposed to be about what I'm thankful for, not what weird little things freak me out.


Today I am oh so thankful for my Etsy customers.  Y'all are the best!  Not only have you all been pleasant in our interactions and I've enjoyed creating the custom orders you've requested, you also give me a reason to knit.  Okay, you give me a reason to knit more.  And buy more yarn.  And while I may occasionally grumble about not having time to knit for myself, I'm sort of glad I don't.  I really don't have the drawer space for another pair of hand knit socks.   But all sarcasm aside, I really am very appreciative of your business.  It makes me so happy when you trust in me and hand over your hard earned cash to purchase something I've knit.  Each and every transaction warms my heart.  The shop has been open for four years now and I still do the Happy Dance each time I'm notified of a sale.  I hope I never loose that sense of excitement.  As a small token of my appreciation, please use coupon code "JGKTHANKSYOU" to receive 10% off your entire purchase from Jeannie Gray Knits.

Meanwhile, there's a new listing in the shop.  This slouchy hat went from


to being listed in the shop almost over night.  I love the simple design, the hemmed brim and the decorative hanging loop on the crown.

I can't remember the last time I knit anything with a hemmed edge.  I'm not sure what motivated me to put one on this hat because at the time, I was dreading it.  The whole time I was knitting the hemmed part, I was giving myself the 'you can get through this, it's not That bad' speech.  I must have had a bad experience at some point with knitting a hemmed edge, so bad in fact that I've blocked it from memory.  But this hem knit up smoothly and now I'm slightly obsessed with knitting more.  So thanks again, Etsy customers.  You've gotten me over my fear of knitting hemmed edges.

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