Monday, November 16, 2015

Giving Thanks for The Guy Who Sews

Today I'm giving thanks to The Guy Who Sews and the adorable project bag he made for me.

knitting project bag from

There are sheep on it so of course I love it!  It's a knitter's dream and I love it for many more reasons than just the sheep.  But the sheep are pretty great!  Since the sheep have little pink noses, I requested my bag be lined with pink fabric to match.  Honestly, I was a little worried when I requested the pink lining.  I'm not all that fond of pink, but I wanted something light colored but not boring white.  Anyway, even though there were many colors to choose from, I chose the pink and am super glad I did.  It matches the sheep's noses perfectly.

The bag is the perfect size.  I wanted something large enough to easily hold a hat or pair of socks, but small enough to toss into my purse.  I should probably admit that my "purse" looks more like a brief case.  It's huge.  But what ever.  I wanted a simple project bag that would easily fit into my briefcase sized purse.  All my other project bags, even the small ones that barely fit one sock, are too bulky and have handles and.... Well, I could come up with a million reasons why they aren't what I wanted.  But this bag is perfect.  I can fit a pair of socks and a hat into the bag and it still easily closes with room to spare, yet the bag isn't huge and bulky.

And speaking of closing easily, the bag's drawstring is perfect!  The drawstring moves easily through the fabric so it's easy to open and close and yet it doesn't accidently come open when it gets tossed around.  It's apparently a magical drawstring.  Oh, and another great feature - there's no velcro in sight.

I was also delighted with the customer service Sean provided.  Sean is The Guy Who Sews by the way.  He was great at keeping me apprised of the status of my bag and he was quick to address my questions and concerns.  The Guy Who Sews definitely knows how to please a knitter!

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  1. I'm so happy that you love the bag that you got recently. Thanks for featuring my bags on your blog today. Its always nice to hear feedback from my customers.