Friday, November 27, 2015

Giving Thanks, Day 27

It's Day 27 of this Giving Thanks thing and I have so much to be thankful for.

It's Black Friday and I am NOT out among the crowds shopping.  I have lots of friends who live for the excitement of pushing and shoving and standing in Black Friday lines and I realize they save a ton of money, but you will never ever see me in a Black Friday line.  I try not to even leave the house on Black Friday.  So today, I'm thankful that we came home from Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house with enough leftovers that I don't even need to stand in line at the grocery store today.

I'm thankful that Thanksgiving went well and was drama free.  There were no baking emergencies, no one got sick, no fights or arguments, no 911 calls, the weather was perfect, the food was even better than the weather and I finally got to meet my great nephew.  Good Lord, I can't believe I'm a Great Aunt.  That just makes me sound so old!  So while I may not be all that thankful that they are teaching him to call me Great Aunt Jeannie, I am thankful I finally got to meet him.  He's precious!

I'm thankful that the season of pumpkin flavored everything is over and the candy canes have arrived.

I'm thankful my Christmas cowl is blocked and almost dry.

Christmas cowl
Christmas Cowl

And I'm thankful that I finished all the knitting projects I'd promised myself I'd finish before Thanksgiving.  There's currently nothing on the needles.  It's a very strange and slightly scary feeling.  But that's about to change.  I have just a bit of frantic Christmas knitting to get done.

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