Friday, November 20, 2015

Giving Thanks, Day 20 & the Delete Key

Wow!  Day 20 of giving thanks!  I can't believe I've kept up with this.  While I am always thankful for the things (the people, experiences as well as the material things in my life) in past years, I've been horrible at publicly stating them on a daily basis.  Anyway.....

Today I'm giving thanks to the Delete key.  Good Lord!  I don't know where I've suddenly been on the web that's made my Spam folder explode with advertisements for young girls, cheating house wives, virility meds for men, vitamins, ocean cruises and cars but.... Thank God for the Delete key!  I should also thank my Mac.  This baby has always been awesome at spotting spam email.

I'm also thankful for the Delete key after last night.  I had a little too much birthday cake, got a little snarky in a public forums and was able to delete my snarkiness before I ever pressed Publish.  Thank you, Delete key!

Meanwhile, between the cake eating and all that deleting, I've been knitting.

marigold sock  by
Marigold Sock #1

I finally finished the first Marigold sock.  It's only taken me, what?  Two months?  I need to hurry up and cast on the second sock and knit the ribbing before Second Sock Syndrome sets in.  Once I get past the ribbing on second sock, it normally flies off the needles but doing the ribbing..... Yikes!  SSS has already set in.  It's not helping that I oh so badly wish I'd used a slip stitch pattern for these socks.  The yarn just begs for slipped stitches.  I'm not ripping this sock though.  Guess I'll just have to buy more yarn.

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