Monday, November 2, 2015

Giving Thanks, Day 2

Frequently, it's the small things I'm thankful for the most.

Today I'm thankful for my Employee Appreciation Day travel mug.  This thing is fantastic!  I always have a drink in the car so over the years, I've owned a lot of travel mugs/cups.  And most of them have been horrible.  The lids don't screw on tight so they leak, the spout is too large & you choke to death on the huge mouthful of hot coffee, or the spout is too small & it takes you 30 minutes to get one little sip out.  And I've had cups that didn't keep hot things warm so that by the time I got out of the driveway, my coffee was already cold.  Or my favorite - when the cup sweats profusely from a cold drink and it drips on you so badly, you might as well have dumped the contents of the cup down your shirt front.

But this cup, my Employee Appreciation Day cup, is fantastic!  Hot coffee stays hot for hours and cold drinks stay cold for hours and best of all, the cup doesn't sweat.  I LOVE my new travel mug!    Now, if I can just keep it out of my husbands hands....

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