Sunday, November 1, 2015

Giving Thanks, Day 1

Happy November, the month of giving thanks.  Along with everyone else in the free world, or at least the majority of American bloggers, I'll be posting something I'm thankful for each day during November.

Since today is the last day of my working season, I'll start the project off by being thankful for my wonderful supervisors and co-workers.  While I do love 'playing with the money' at work, the people are what make the job so much fun.  Without the fun people, the job would be a massive Hell hole.

Each year I've knit something small for our main supervisor & this year was no exception.

fingerless gloves, mittens, gloves, arm warmers available at
Amber's Fingerless Gloves

Sorry, Amber.  I didn't crochet shark slippers.  Instead, you're getting fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm while you read & cuddle with your cat.  And, if you hate them, you can use them as rat sleeping bags.  I'm pretty sure I remember you saying you have pet rats as well as a cat.  That must be an interesting combination.  Anyway....  I hope you enjoy the gloves.  I've certainly enjoyed having you as a supervisor.  You've not only been a great boss, but you handled all those 4:00 a.m. crisises like a pro.  Congrats on a successful first season wearing the Supervisor shirt.

And then there's Jarrett.  Jarrett is one of those crazy co-workers who has, on more than one occasion, almost made me pee in my pants from laughing so hard.  I don't normally make anything for the co-workers, but I saw this hippo dish cloth and well....

dish cloth or wash cloth, gift idea
Hippo Dish Cloth

It's a silly gift and my version doesn't even look much like a hippo but when I saw the pattern, I couldn't resist.  There's a funny story behind the hippo thing, but I'm not going into details here.  For one thing, just thinking about it makes me laugh too hard to type plus, it's a little rude.  But, for the rest of my life, when ever I see a hippo, I will think of Jarrett.

So, thank you Amber & Jarrett and everyone else who has made this season such a fun success.  I will miss you all and hope to see each of you again in the spring.

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