Thursday, September 24, 2015

TBT - Mom's Best Day Ever

What happens when it's TBT (Throwback Thursday) and football season?  My mom's best day, ever!

Joe Theismann from the Washington Redskins
Mom meets Joe Theismann

Have I mentioned my mom was a Redskins fan?  Actually, "fan" doesn't really describe her.  Fanatic would be more accurate.  Did I mention we had Thanksgiving dinner on a Friday one year because the Redskins were playing on Thanksgiving Day?  Have I mentioned how my mom would send me outside to play & lock the doors behind me so that I wouldn't bother her while the game was on?  Have I mentioned that while all my friends' families were having big Sunday dinners, we had cold cereal for supper on Sundays?  Have I mentioned that during the games, Mom would wear multiple Redskin pins, a Redskin baseball cap, a Redskin license plate type thing tied on string around her neck, and a Joe Theismann sweater my aunt knit?  And have I mentioned that while wearing all that, she'd sit in her chair, eyes glued to the TV screen, cigarette burning in her Redskin ashtray, a drink in her Redskins glass, all while rubbing her Redskins paper weight, coffee mug and teddy bear while shouting, "Come on boys!"  Have I mentioned coming home from a first date to find a queen sized sheet with "Hail to the Redskins" spray painted on it & nailed across our front porch?  Have I mentioned that as a younger child, my allowance was based on my attitude towards the Redskins & my willingness to shout,  "Hail to the Redskins" when ever we were out & about & saw someone else wearing maroon & gold?  Have I mentioned that once I moved out of the house, Mom always, always called me after a win & would shout, "Hail to the Redskins!" into the phone then hang up without saying another word?  It's weird, but since her death, Sundays are lonely.  Those phone calls are probably the thing I miss the most about her.

You can only imagine Mom's excitement when she got to spend a little time with Mr. Theismann during his visit to the cerebral palsy center where she worked.  Thank you Mr. Theismann for giving Mom her best day ever.  I sincerely hope you were not too traumatized by her.


  1. Jeannie--I love this post. Your mom was quite the character.

    1. Yes, she was! Her behavior explains a lot about mine. :)