Saturday, September 19, 2015

Small town living

Pardon me while I have a mini rant.  It recently came to my attention that our dogs were supposed to be licensed.  Google provided me the information I needed as to where to purchase a dog license and off I went.  Let me tell you, there is nothing like small town living.  It turns out, the county's Treasurer's office is located in the DMV building that doesn't say Treasurer or even DMV on the outside.  Nope, the building's giant sign says it's a bank.

I wandered into the not-really-a-bank building, past the line for the DMV and into the Treasurer's area.  There, I discovered that they only accept cash.  Cash only!  Good freaking thing there was an ATM machine in the not-really-a-bank/DMV/Treasurer's office parking lot.

As I was leaving the not-really-a-bank/DMV/Treasurer's office and mumbling about what a scam a cash-only Treasurer is, I took a look around at the other local businesses.  What an absolute perfect set up.  Next door to the not-really-a-bank/DMV/Treasurer's office was a gun/ammo shop, across the street was a lawyer's office and behind that, the county jail.

Meanwhile, no second sock syndrome here! 

SSS Second Sock Syndrome, hand knitting socks
OTN 09/19/15
The second sock has a heel.  Which is probably why I'm at home typing this and not hanging out in the county jail awaiting my lawyer and a court date.

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