Friday, September 25, 2015

On the needles

Today on the needles,

hand knit socks in Marigold colorway, OTN 09/25/15
Marigold Socks OTN 09/25/15

More socks.  I loved my North Pole socks so much, I immediately cast on for another pair.  The yarn is Dizzie Lizzes Knitting the Blues in the Marigold colorway.  And let me tell you, Marigold is THE perfect name for this colorway.  The photo doesn't do this yarn justice.  In reality, it's a beautiful mix of yellow and dead leaf brown with just a touch of peach thrown in.  Exactly like a fresh marigold bloom.

I bought the yarn at last year's Montpelier Fiber Festival.  The  colorway is not exactly what I'd expected.  The sample sock that was displayed with the yarn showed wide stripes of color rather than single rows of color.  But no matter the stripe width, I'm happy with the knitted fabric so far.  The yarn itself is spun with Blue Faced Leicester superwash wool.  It feels a little stringy in my hand, but the knitted fabric is delightfully soft.  I have the feeling I'm going to love wearing these socks this fall.

I probably shouldn't have said that.  Putting that into words is probably a strong indication that SSS (second sock syndrome) will set in and I'll never knit the second sock.

Bike race at Kings Dominion, Doswell, VA 9/23/15
UCI Road World Championship at Kings Dominon

On a personal life note, it's been a fun week at work.  Well, okay, I had a fun day at work and tonight promises to be fun as well.  The UCI Road World Championship bike race is in Richmond this week and Wednesday's race was hosted by Kings Dominion.  The race meant I got a few unexpected, but welcome, hours in (more pay = more yarn purchases) and I got to hang out with the cyclists at the starting gate for a while.  The weather was perfect for racing and for the folks who simply came to enjoy a free visit to the park.

Halloween haunted houses, mazes and scary fun at Kings Dominon
Haunt at Kings Domion
As for tonight, Haunt starts.  Working Haunt is always fun.  Scary, but fun.  Haunt is Kings Dominion's Halloween thing with haunted houses, scary mazes and creepy monsters roaming the park.  And this year, I'm pretty dang excited.  You know how I feel about clowns, right?  Well, every year, they place a zombie clown statue between me and the bathroom & it freaks me out.  Well, this year, they have the clown facing away from the path I take.  Mr. Zombie Clown's back is to me so hopefully I'll be able to make the trip to the restroom without needing heart medication.  I'm sending a huge Thank You! out to the maintenance guys/Haunt design team for that slight change.  You've probably tacked on a few extra years to my life - or at least not removed them.

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