Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let me rephrase that

So, last week's post, written exactly one week ago today, said I'd be binding off the pi shawl for many, many days.  I lied.  I'll be binding it off for many, many weeks apparently.

binding off an Elizabeth Zimmerman lace pi shawl
OTN 08/11/15

First, you'll have to get past the bad, non-smart phone photo.  Not only am I in pi bind-off Hell, my computer is taking it's last breath and photo editing is just more than it can handle.

Anyway....  All that fabric over there on the right of the needles has been bound off.  All those squished up, tight against each other stitches, on a 24 inch needle I might add, are yet to be bound off.  Like I said, it will be weeks of binding off.  Many, many weeks.

So, why don't I just quit my life consuming "part time" 80+ hours a week, summer job & stay home and knit?  Because then I'd miss out on fun things like this:

things people write or draw on money

I have an odd fascination with the things people write & draw on money.  One of these days, I'm going to photograph it all, create a coffee table book of defaced money & become gloriously rich.  But first, I have to go bind off a few gazillion more stitches on that damned pi shawl.