Thursday, June 4, 2015

TBT - Gone Fishing, 2001

Sarah caught the big fish.

Hatteras, NC, beached basking shark,
Beached Basking Shark, Hatteras, NC, 2001
Okay, so I made that up.  But we did see a big shark.

After a week of being official homeschoolers, we decided we needed a break & went on vacation.  While out riding on the beach at Hatteras, we came upon this beached basking shark.  It was still a tiny bit alive and while it was sad to see, it was also fascinating & was the start of a whole giant shark unit study.
beached basking shark
Hatteras, NC, 9/10/2001
And while exciting to see & a fantastic learning opportunity, the experience put an end to my kids ever being satisfied with learning science from a text book.

It was also the last time Sarah willing swam in the ocean.

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