Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Hats - Sweet & Simple

It's Sunday so you know that means hats...  And if you know anything about me at all, you know I like anything labeled "simple" so when a recent Ravelry search produced the Sweet & Simple Lace Hat pattern, I knew I'd found the pattern for me.

knitting pattern by Karen Marlatt
Sweet & Simple Lace Hat

A few minutes later, after retyping my Paypal password 50 times before I got it right, (I really should have chosen a simpler password!) I went stash diving for the perfect yarn.

I finally settled on Knit Pick's Hawthorne in the Goddess Kettle Dyed color-way.

fingering weight, kettle dyed yarn in Goddess colorway
Knit Pick's Hawthorne, Goddess Kettle Dyed
Sorry, horrible picture I know, but I'm trying to type this in the three minutes I have before I have to leave for work & I took the photo with my non-smart phone.  But hopefully you get the idea.  In real life, it's a beautiful, deep purple with slight variations in the color.  And I think it will knit up into an even more beautiful version of Sweet & Simple.

knitting pattern found on Ravelry by designer Karen Marlatt
Karen Marlatt's Sweet & Simple Lace Hat
Here's a slightly closer up photo that shows the stitch pattern a little better.  I've only knit a few rounds of the ribbing so far (darn pesky work!) but Karen Marlett, the pattern designer promises the pattern is a simple four row repeat & easily remembered.  Once again, you know how I like simple, easily remembered things....  And I think the Hawthorne will show off the stitch definition perfectly.

And now, my three minutes are up & I'm off to work.  Sadly, it's a beautiful day and the weather is perfect for theme park visiting.  I imagine I'll be busy & won't have a chance to knit on my hat.

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