Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Hats - Cuba Street

It's Sunday so naturally, we're talking about hats.  I stumbled across Cuba Street totally by accident, and I'm so glad that I did.

hat pattern by Nikki Jones on Ravelry
Cuba Street by Nikki Jones
I was searching Ravelry for  shawl patterns & made a major typo.  I cleared my search & thought I'd typed in the proper search terms but instead of shawls, I got an assortment of all kinds of things and this hat was one of them.

knitted hat pattern by Nikki Jones on Ravelry
Cuba Street, a Nikki Jones design
At first glance, it was just another striped hat, except it's not 'just another' striped hat.  Cuba Street is fair isled, or color worked.... or what ever you want to call it.  I love the little band of color around the beginning of the brim and how the hat could be crazy colorful or knit with only two colors.  The pattern would also make excellent use of those little balls of left over sock yarn.  Or, knitting it in 'new to me' colors would be an excellent excuse to go yarn shopping.  My favorite kind of pattern!

Cuba Street is a Nikki Jones design and seems to be quite versatile.  It's a unisex design but could easily become sexist by use of color.   I love how the hat is slightly slouchy but I think that if I didn't want slouch, I could leave out a pattern repeat and it would be okay.  The pattern is written for sport weight yarn but in the description it states that fingering weight could be used.  I prefer hats knit with sport weight but for some unknown reason, I rarely have much sport weight in the stash pile.  And you know what that means.....  Yarn shopping!!

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