Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On the needles

Today's OTN project is the Sweet & Simple lace hat I showed you on Sunday.

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On the Needles
As promised, it really is a very simple pattern to knit.  And as usual, I fouled it up.  Sort of.  I didn't exactly read the pattern.  I just skimmed it for the number of stitches to cast on  & the type of ribbing I was supposed to do, then I proceeded to knit.  Turns out, the pattern is written for flat knitting & I'm knitting mine in the round.  It also turns out to be an exceptionally easy pattern to correct for round vs. flat knitting so no major issues there.  Thank you, Knitting Gods.

It also turns out that I'm a lot closer to finishing the hat than I'd realized.  I'd never even read the pattern thoroughly enough to know how many pattern repeats I was supposed to do.  For the purpose of writing this blog post, I took a closer look at the pattern & realized I only have one more four-row repeat before beginning the crown decreases.  Cool!  I just may get this baby finished today.

And you'd think.... four more rows then begin the decreases... simple!  I should have this bad boy done within the hour.  But I'm not holding my breath.  Today's plan was to be super productive and I'm seriously failing the plan.  It's currently 2:23 in the afternoon & I've scratched one thing off my to-do list.  One thing.  One simple thing.  Good grief!

Although I know it's not the real reason, at least not totally, I'm blaming my productivity fail on my daughter.  She got her driver's license recently & today is her first time driving with a friend in the car.  And they are going places she's never been before & she's even more geographically challenged than I am, if that is even possible.  I sort of can't breathe and I'm terrified I'll never see her or my car ever again.  Oh, and did I mention it's getting ready to storm?

Yes, I am totally aware that I'm a psycho helicopter mom.  But she's my baby.  And I'd really like to have my car back.

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