Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Hats - Women's Beehive Hat

Today's Sunday Hats post is featuring the Women's Beehive Hat pattern.

knitted hat pattern, women's beehive hat
Women's Beehive Hat by IKnit4aCure
The pattern comes from an Etsy shop, IKnit4aCure.  The hat pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and appears to be simple combination of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitching.  In other words, a cute, versatile, quick to knit hat pattern.  And for the super lazy knitters or non-knitters out there, I see that the pattern listing also mentions that you can buy an already knit hat.

Besides being a cute & versatile hat pattern and the fact that the shop donates a part of their proceeds to the American Cancer Society,  what really caught my eye with this pattern is the kilt pin in the picture.  What a cute way to embellish a hat!  Plus, it's a kilt pin.  A kilt pin!  Have I mentioned my recent obsession with Outlander?

My Outlander addiction should be a whole other blog post.  The show doesn't come on our TV, but I began reading the first book last week and have done nothing but read & watch Youtube clips ever since.  I'm totally addicted.  It's also made me realize why my family talks funny.  While my mom's family have been in America since just before the American Revolution, they originally haled from Scotland and counted themselves among theJohnstone clan.  And instead of saying, "the mouse ran out and about the house," we pronounce it "the 'mose' ran 'oat' and 'aboat' the 'hose'."  I've always wondered why and now I know.  Thank you, Jamie.


  1. This hat needs a cute felted honey bee on the side. But then no kilt pin. (not that I have anything against kilt pins or kilts, mind you!) (oh, and do you "redd up" when you are cleaning up? That's another Scotttishism that I grew up with....I think it is an abbreviated version of "ready up") - Kate

  2. Come on, Kate, you know me better than that. I don't 'redd up' because I don't clean up. :) Actually, no, I'd never heard that term before. And you're right about the hat. A bee would be adorable.

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