Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Knitting Class 101

In knitting class, the very first rule that should be taught is to use a life line.

Well, okay, maybe the first lesson should be about gauge, but the second lesson should be to always use a life line when knitting lace.

1966 film, born free about lions, one named Elsa
Born Free
Specially when you're attempting to knit lace while balling your eyes out because you're watching Born Free.

Goodness gracious!  I'd forgotten how much this childhood favorite makes me cry.  And how badly I want a pet lion.

I really, really want a pet lion.

Max looks sort of like a lion, and he's almost as big as a lion.  But he's just not Elsa.  I want an Elsa.

Meanwhile, I'm spending today attempting to correct last night's disastrous lace screw-up/multiple stitch dropping fiasco.

Maybe the first lesson in knitting should simply be, don't watch sad movies while knitting lace.

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