Friday, April 17, 2015

Knitting Accessory Bag Friday

It's supposed to be Fiber Friday but instead, it's Knitting Accessory Bag Friday.

knitting accessory pouch by Ocean Patch Etsy shop
Octopus Garden by Ocean Patch
Granted, Knitting Accessory Bag Friday doesn't have the same ring to it as Fiber Friday but...

small knitting accessory bag or pouch by Ocean Patch
Sea Turtle bag by Ocean Patch
OMG! Have you ever seen a cuter sea turtle?  I just want to hug him!  Except it's a her.  That turtle definitely looks like a her.

small bag or pouch for knitting accessories
Sea Turtle accessory pouch
Besides, her mate is on the back of the bag.  He just looks like a boy turtle.

I've only had these bags in my possession for about ten minutes but I'm totally in love with the turtle bag.  The octopus bag was bought to give as a gift so I'm trying to ignore it so I don't also fall in love with it & decide to keep it.

The bags came from an Etsy shop, Ocean Patch.  I was a little worried when I made my purchase about how long it would take to receive the bags.  There was no mention on the listing about shipping time frames or whether the bags were sewn after the order was placed or if they were ready to ship.  I had no need to worry though.  The bags were waiting for me in my mailbox just five days after purchase.  Maybe even four days.  I never ventured out to the mailbox yesterday.  Remember me being Grumpy Girl the other day?  Yeah, well the grumpiness was the precursor to a nasty stomach bug that I will not share the details of.  Let's just say I'm probably about 40 pounds lighter now.

Anyway.... the bags...  they are adorable and I'm going to love storing my knitting tools in them.   Well, in the turtle bag.  I have to keep reminding myself the octopus bag is to give away.  It's not mine to keep.

There is one problem with my purchase though.  The shop really knows it's marketing ploys.  In the process of gathering the link to Ocean Patch, I noticed they have several more bags available now.  And one of those bags has sheep on it.  Sheep!  And, my turtle and octopus bags came in the cutest packaging that included a tiny turtle charm attached to their business card.

turtle charm as part of the packaging from Ocean Patch Etsy shop
Ocean Patch
Oh my gosh, does this store know me or what?

I almost wish I hadn't discovered the Ocean Patch Etsy shop.  As the saying goes, knowledge is a dangerous thing.  The knowledge that there's a cute little sheep bag, not to mention a zillion other beachy bags out there just waiting for me to purchase them, plus the fact that I'm working again & have a steady paycheck....  And if I buy more bags, I'll have to buy more knitting accessories to go into them....  Plus, if I buy more bags, maybe they'll send me more turtle charms....  Knowledge is a very dangerous thing and I could be in so much trouble!

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