Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Fiber - Hawthorne

Today's Friday Fiber post is all about Knit Pick's Hawthorne.  A few months ago, on a whim, I ordered the boxed set in the Jewel color-way.  My intention was to knit lacy scarves or shawls with each color but when I received the boxed set, I knew that wasn't going to happen.  The colors were just so perfect all mixed together.  At first I thought it would be fun to knit a pi-shawl with stripes, or rounds, of color.  But who am I kidding?  I still have quite a ways to go on my simple Pi Day pi shawl.  There is absolutely no need to start another one of those monsters before the first is complete.  Then I thought about knitting a mitered square blanket using all the colors.  I thought, and still think, that would be stunning.  But again, who am I kidding?  As much as I love the color combinations of Hawthorne, I'd get bored and quit long before I ever put a dent in that much yarn.  After all, the boxed set contains 3,213 yards of yarn.  3,213 yards of yarn would knit into a LOT of mitered squares.

I've been thinking about knitting another Eclipse scarf/shawlette.  I really, really like the first one I knit.  But then I saw Artesian on Knitting Sarah's blog.  I love the openness of Artesian but wanted the shape of Eclipse.  So I decided to combine the two and create my own pattern.

I'm using the Hawthorne Rose City,

fingering weight wool,
Hawthorne Rose City
and Hawthorne Goose Hollow.

fingering weight yarn
Hawthorne Goose Hollow
And it's turning out to look like this:

yarn review
Okay, it doesn't look like much yet.  But you can see how well the colors work together.  And I guess you can see how one end of the scarf will be much wider than the other end.

The pattern is simple short rows of yarnovers & knit two togethers.

fingering weight, open, lacy scarf, available at
So far, I'm loving it.

And I'm loving the yarn.  Hawthorne is a fingering weight Superwash Fine Highland Wool with just a bit of Polyamide mixed in to give it stretch & help it retain it's shape.  In other words, it's perfect for sock knitting, although I'd never be able to actually knit socks with it simply because I knit too loosely.  But I'm loving the way this scarf is knitting up.  The yarn is not splitty (splity??  it doesn't split) at all which means I can easily knit while reading Outlander.  And the color combination!  I am over the top in love with the color combination.  I'm so in love with the fluctuations in color that I think perhaps I could have knit another Pi shawl or a mitered square blanket big enough to fit a king sized bed without ever getting bored.  At least I wouldn't have gotten bored with the color.  Maybe the project, but not the color.  And since it's a Superwash wool.... I could toss the finished blanket into the washing machine.  Hmmm.... I just may have to order more and knit that mitered square blanket.

Anyway.... if you haven't tried Hawthorne yet, do!  And I highly suggest purchasing the boxed set.  It's a fantastic deal.

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