Saturday, April 18, 2015

A new addiction

I have a new addiction.  Outlander.

Sadly, the show doesn't come on my TV but I'm reading the books.  Well, I'm reading the first book.  But I fully intend to read them all.  The book is excellent and I'd have been addicted even if I hadn't discovered Outlander clips on Youtube.

And then there's Jamie.  Book Jamie is hot enough, but Actor Jamie???  Phew!  There is just something about a scruffy man with a blade.  And a scruffy man with a blade and a kilt....   And a kilt wearing, scruffy man with a blade who loves yarn???

Outlander quotes from
What?  He's not talking about yarn?  Okay, okay.  So Jamie is talking about Claire, not yarn.  But you have to admit, it could go either way.  Specially when he says,

Jamie wanting Claire
Outlander quote from
He's got to be thinking a little bit about that perfect skein of yarn, right?

Okay, okay, okay.  This is supposed to be a knitting blog, not a Jamie love fest blog.  To prove that it still is, or at least that I'm capable of combining the two,

fingerless mitts with a celtic cable
Fingerless gloves
I knit a pair of Outlander inspired fingerless gloves.  And they look much better on than just laying their flat.  I'm home alone and not coordinated enough to photograph my own hand. Where is Jamie when you need him?

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