Thursday, March 26, 2015

TBT - Sisters

I have the best big sister!

TBT, Throwback thursday, 1965
Sisters, 1965
As a kid, I worshipped her.   She was always happy to play with me.  Being ten years older, she willingly passed her dolls down to me.  As I grew, she taught me about music.  I was listening to Three Dog Night & The Rolling Stones when my peers were listening to Donnie Osmond.  She not so willingly allowed me to play in her makeup, but she didn't kill me for making a mess of it and that's what's important.  She shared her boy friends, and by that, I mean she allowed me to sit beside them on the couch and talk to them.  And they talked to me and one or two even let me tag along on dates.  They were the coolest!  She took me to my first real concert, Sonny & Cher.  She let me be in her wedding and afterwards, her wedding party took me bar hopping.  I was 12.  They were THE coolest!  And now that we are both getting on up there in years, she gets to have those big "_0" decade birthdays ten years before me.  She is the best sister ever!

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