Thursday, March 12, 2015

TBT - Hairy Hillbillies

It's Throwback Thursday & good grief!

Hillbillies, hillbilly, bad hair
TBT - Hillbillies
Have you noticed from past TBT pictures that my family has a "thing" for taking weird family photos in that same spot in the yard?  This is the fourth or fifth photo I've shared taken with us in front of that tree.  Weird.

What's even weirder is, why are we dressed like that?

And what's even weirder, and much scarier, is that that wig I'm wearing (I'm the kid in the middle) seems to be a portent of things to come.

bad hair day

My real hair a few years ago.  Scary.

Something even scarier, but at least fun...  Fun for now, that is...  Saturday is Pi Day.  Being about as polar opposite from 'math nerd' as it's possible to be, I tend to celebrate with pie rather than pi, but I do try to start an Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl each year in honor of the day.  This year's is blue.

Elizabeth Zimmermann, lace shawl, lace pi shawl, knit shawl, lace shawl, lace
#todayonmyneedles Pi Shawl
Right now, I'm still on the fun part.  You know, the part where you can knit five or six, heck, sometimes even twenty or thirty rounds in a day.  As of that photo, I'm on round 51 and have 288 stitches in each round.  The next 44 rows won't be too bad, the 45th row will be exciting because it will finally be an increase row & I'll get to do something slightly different.  And then...  Then there will be 576 stitches on each round.  It will take almost a whole day to knit one round and ... and that's when I begin to cuss.  I'll cuss the shawl, the color blue, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Pi day and even pie.  Yes, I'll even cuss at pie.  It happens every year.

And you know what's even scarier?  I'm already thinking about 2016's shawl.  As I was trying to find somewhere to hide store all that Knit Picks Hawthorne yarn I just received, I had an idea.  It would make a fantastic, multicolored pi-shawl.

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