Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Hats - Eomer Shield Tam

Today's Sunday hat pattern is the Eomer Shield Tam found on Ravelry.

The Ravelry description states, "The inspiration for this pattern came from an unused Lord of the Rings drawing of a shield for Eomer. This complex-looking tam is not as hard as it looks! A quick, yet fun and challenging knit for intermediate to advanced knitters."  Honestly, the "challenging knit for intermediate to advanced knitters" part of that description scares me a bit & I hadn't planned to knit this tam, but, Sarah started re-reading the series a few days ago so I may end up attempting it.  We'll see how much motherly love I actually have.

But whether I knit the tam or not, I thought it was a beautiful pattern.  If you go to the pattern's Ravelry page, you'll find photos of several different color ways & an instance where it has been turned into a clock.  Pretty cool!

Meanwhile, the dogs have been helping Mike do the taxes.

It cracks me up how Minnie likes to sit in a nearby chair to watch Mike work.

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