Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Hats - Arabella Two

It's Sunday Hats day!

Woman on the Water, Etsy, hat pattern, cap, toque, cabled hat pattern, knit hat pattern
Arabella Two, Woman of the Water
Today's pattern is the Arabella Two hat which you can find in Woman on the Water, an Etsy shop.  The listing suggests worsted weight yarn & US9 needles so it should be a pretty quick knit.  I particularly like the cabled brim.  I also think the pattern could be quite versatile.  Knit with wool, it would be a nice, warm winter hat.  Knit with a cotton blend, it would be a cute summer hat.  So, go check out the pattern here and send me photos of your finished project.  I'd love to see them!

Moving on to other topics....

It was pointed out (thanks, Kate!) that I forgot to include the fiber content in my post about my newest Pi shawl.  It's 100% superwash merino wool.  What does that mean?  Well, the wool comes from a merino sheep and well, I have no idea how they make it 'superwash' but 'superwash' means that it won't felt & if you want to risk putting it in the washing machine, you can.  The reason I say 'risk' the washing machine is because there always seems to be a crayon, a pen, a tube of lipstick, a pack of gum, a Tootsie Roll, a couple of screws and/or a wad of tissues hiding out in the washer whenever I wash something important.  But, if you don't have that problem at your house, you can machine wash your superwash knits.

So, what is a merino sheep, you ask?

Milligan's Gander Hill Farm, sheep, merino
Momma and her baby.  Adorable right?

merino, sheep, rams, sheep image
The proud pappa sheep look rather fierce & protective.

Well, happy Sunday.  I'm off to knit a hat, a few rounds on the Pi shawl and maybe even venture outside.  The sun is finally shining & it's supposed to be over 50 degrees today.  Yay, spring!


  1. At our house the washing machine decides to release that last little drop of bleach from three loads ago only when I am washing something important. I have a lot of beautiful and expensive gardening and work-out shirts because of that!

  2. LOL. Sorry about laughing, but yeah, that too.