Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

Or in my house, seeing as how none of us are overly mathematically inclined, happy

pie, Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl, pi
Lemon Chess
pie day.  As a blogger, Pi Day is my all time favorite holiday because it's the perfect excuse to have pie before breakfast.  After all, I gotta get that photo, right?

But, since it's pi, not pie, day,

Elizabeth Zimmermann, pi day, pi shawl, pie, lace shawl, circular shawl
55 rows
As I've already mentioned, I started knitting another Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl this week in celebration.  I'd planned to start it much earlier so that it would be closer to being finished today, but well, you know me and planning....   I'm using Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label lace weight yarn in the Midnight color-way on #US6 needles.  I haven't had a lot of knitting time the last couple of days and am only on the 56th row.  Which means I have a gazillion more to go.

The picture above doesn't look like much.  Lace never does look like much until it's been blocked, in fact, it tends to look like a big, giant mess before blocking.  And lace knit in the round just sort of puddles into a big giant heap of mess and looks even worse.  So...

Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl, pi day, Tanis Fiber Arts, Pink Label, lace
Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label 'Midnight'
I fake blocked it.  Actually, all I did was stretch part of it & pin it down.  But you get the idea of what it will look like.  Sort of.  This pi shawl won't be a fancy one.  It's just a basic pi with *YO, K2tog* rows every 6th row to break up all that plain knitting between the increase rows.  One of these days, (well, years....) I'm going to do a fancy one like this one, or this one, or....  Well, you get the idea.  I could keep showing you fancy examples all day long.  But instead, I think I'll go knit a round or two.  And maybe even have another slice of pie.

Happy Pi Day!

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  1. That is awesome already! Can't wait to see the finished product. And now I need me some pie. My math-geek husband is looking forward to 9:26:53 this morning......