Monday, March 23, 2015

On the knitting needles 3/23/15

Just a quick post to show what I'm knitting today.

A slouchy beanie for spring and summer, perfect for dreadlocks. Lacy hat.
Teal Slouchy Tam
It's a lacy, slouchy tam/beanie and perfect for wearing with dreadlocks in the summer.  I'm knitting it with Heartland from Lion Brand.  I'd bought several skeins from Walmart during one of those overwhelming 'MUST buy yarn!' urges while grocery shopping a while back.  I'd intended to knit a scarf but, honestly, I just don't enjoy knitting with acrylic yarn.  It just never feels good in my hands and the thought of knitting a whole acrylic scarf was too painful so... a hat.  I may not enjoy the feel of acrylic yarn sliding through my fingers as I knit, but I do like the feel of the knitted fabric on this hat.  It's the perfect weight and drape.

And speaking of this hat...

Slouchy beanie for dreadlocks in summer & spring. Lacy tam or hat.
Yellow Slouchy Tam
I really do like this pattern.  Actually, I shouldn't call it a pattern, it's just some notes scribbled in my knitting journal.  I received a catalog for infant clothing the other day.  Why, I have no idea.  Specially since my youngest 'baby' is 18.  Anyway.... Since I can't resist looking at catalogs, no matter what their content, I glanced through the infant clothing catalog & spied an adorable crocheted lacy skull cap for babies.  I decided to recreate it and ended up with the yellow slouchy hat instead of a tight little skull cap.  But that's okay.  I really like this style.  And if I ever decide to go for dreadlocks, I'll already have a hat.

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