Friday, March 20, 2015

On the knitting needles - 3/20/15

On the knitting needles today is the final hat being knit from my home-dyed-with-food-coloring yarn.  I had a little less than a yard left after I finished the brim.

Pink and purple hat or beanie for teen and preteen girls.
Pink & Purple Girl's Hat
I'm not sure how I feel about the purple & pink combo.  It's a little harsh.  And a little harsher at night under a lamp with a yellow tinted lightbulb.  But, the turquoise and purple one looked like a giant, tacky Easter egg until I got to where the crown decreases start and then it suddenly turned into my favorite color combination of all time.  So, there's hope.  Hopefully there's a young lady in Etsy Land who likes combination because that's where the hat is headed.

Speaking of Etsy, a few people wanted to know when the turquoise & purple hat would be listed for sale.  It has been.

Happy First Day of Spring!

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