Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Are you wearing green?  I'll admit, I'm not.  But I am knitting green.

scarf, lace, beaded lace
Indian Feathers
Remember Indian Feathers?  I mentioned it here.  I got sidetracked & the shawl got shoved into the corner for a while.  The goal was to get the beaded lace part finished before March 29th, when I go back to work for the summer.  But it's okay.  I dug the shawl out & finished the beading over the weekend.  I only have 6 more lace rows before the plain, boring knitting part happens.  And that's the part I'm saving to do when I'm bored at work.  Yes, I can knit at work.  I LOVE my summer job!

I got a few other things done over the weekend too.

Cascade Quatro, Cascade 220, cables, cabled ribbing, cap, beanie, toque
Faux Cables Hat
I'm currently obsessed with this twisted stitch rib pattern that looks like cables.  I'm putting it on everything!  Well, 'everything' being hats.  I've been on a hat kick lately.

yarn dyed with food coloring, Cascade 220, Cascade Quatro, fake cables, cabled ribbing, twisted stitch, hat, beanie, toque
Dyed with Food Coloring
I absolutely adore this one!  I had a little yarn left over from knitting Kate's mittens & wanted to use it up.  I also had the yarn I dyed with food coloring.  The Gods were looking out for me because amazingly, the two yarns went together perfectly.  I think this may just be my all time favorite hat.  Too bad I knit it to be for a normal teen sized head instead of for my gigantic adult one.  Oh well.  If you're interested, you'll find it in my Etsy shop soon.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I LOVE the purple and turquoise food coloring and mitten hat! I will have to go check out your Etsy page......

    1. They're not there yet. It's been too rainy & dreary here to get decent photos.