Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Fiber - Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label

It's Fiber Friday & today, I'm discovering Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label lace weight yarn.

Tanis Fiber Arts color codes their yarn by weight category.  DK weight is yellow, fingering is blue and lace is pink.  They have lots of other color categories as well.  I'm not mentioning them here because I'm trying very, very hard to ignore those other choices.  I've already exceeded my yarn budget for the month and I'm admittedly a little scared to look at the other options.  I glimpsed the word 'cashmere' and well,  I just know that somehow, cashmere would manage to talk its way onto my credit card.

Anyway.... The other day, when I realized Pi Day was coming up, I pulled out my Pink Label in the Midnight color-way and cast on a pi shawl.

Midnight has been in my stash for several years but I have no idea why.  It's gorgeous!  Why on earth did I stuff it in a drawer for so long?  I remember buying it with the intention of knitting a pi shawl.  And I remember starting to grab it for a new, different project several times, then changing my mind & knitting with some other fiber else instead.  I have no idea why.  Maybe because I didn't want to 'waste' it.  Crazy, I know, but I tend to get a little protective of my stash sometimes.  It's sort of like my stint with scrapbooking.  I spent thousands of dollars on scrapbooking materials & never used any of it because I was too afraid I'd 'mess up' a piece of paper or change my mind about what I wanted after the fact.  It got so bad I had to change my hobby from 'scrapbooker' to 'scrapbook supply buyer.'

But I'm digressing.

Midnight.  It's gorgeous!  I love the subtle color changes.  From looking at the skein, I'd have thought it would knit into long stripes but it doesn't.  At least not at the beginning of a pi shawl. It's just little blips of color variation.  Blips of color variation that don't pool.  In other words, the color-way is Heaven.  It's also going to make one big arse pi shawl.  I have two skeins and each one is 1,000 yards.  That's a lot of pi.


  1. Beautiful colors! What is the fiber content? Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. It's merino wool, and thanks for asking. I'd meant to include that info.