Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Board Games

Are you into playing board games?  Board games are a big thing in Homeschool World.  There are groups who gather weekly to play games and I know several families who have a regularly scheduled 'board game night' at their home.  Us, we don't play board games very often.  Our tradition is playing them when the power goes out.  I have no idea why, but the minute the power goes out, the kids scramble to dust off Monopoly and we sit at the dining room table & play by candle light.  It's actually pretty fun.

Tonight, instead of playing board games, we'll be playing, "What? That old box of yarn? Gosh, it's been here for years, hasn't it?"

Knit Picks, yarn stash, Hawthorne, Palette, Wool of the Andes, yarn binge
Knit Picks yarns
In other words, my quarterly online yarn binge shopping has started to arrive.

As much as I love Knit Picks, I'm not sure what they were thinking on their cedar boxes.  They don't have tops so they won't keep the dust or dog hair out.  I'm not even sure how much protection it would offer from moths without a top.  But, I didn't buy the box for the box, I bought it for the yarn that came with it.  And that, I'm very pleased with.

The yarn that comes with the box is five colors of Hawthorne fingering weight yarn.  The product description states five skeins, but it's actually nine.  It's five colors, two skeins of four colors & one skein of the fifth.  And no, apparently my order wasn't accidently over-filled.  I have friends who ordered the box of yarn & also received nine skeins.  So, nine skeins of Hawthorne, and a topless cedar box for $54.  That is one Hell of a deal!

The dilemma with all that Hawthorne will be deciding what to do with it.  There's enough of each color to knit a single color lace shawl or socks for my big feet.  Hawthorne is a Superwash wool & has 20% Polyamide so it should be fine for socks.  But the colors of all the yarns that came with the box blend together beautifully.  Combined, they would make a striking stained glass type something.  The question is, what kind of something?

I also got the Holiday at Sea Palette sampler.  Again, I'm not sure what I'll knit with it, but I see a lot of Fair Isle in my future.

And then there's a whole big bag of Wool of the Andes in various shades of bluey, grayish greens.  These will most likely be knit into hats & mittens.

Speaking of hats,

brown hat, warm, winter beanie, adult hat, teen, beanie
Brown Slouchy Hat
I've been busy using up all that extra yarn left over from the ragland sweater.

Faux Cabled Beanie
At the rate I'm going, I'll be able to knit 40 hats and not even make a dent in the excess yarn.  Good grief!

Well, I'm off to try to hide a big, giant box of yarn and a topless box.  I have to admit, the topless cedar box does smell good.

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