Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow boots

Looking to the positive side of this horrible weather...

I have lots of opportunity to wear my snow boots.  Because I live in an area that only gets enough snow to warrant wearing snow boots once every five years or so, I haven't owned a pair since I was a kid.  As in, a little, little kid.  But these, I found at the warehouse club for $14.99 this past summer.  And, they are labeled two sizes smaller than I normally wear so they make me feel good about my boat sized (think ocean liner) feet.  And, they are lined with warm fuzzy fabric that keeps my toes warm in the snow but doesn't make my feet overly hot indoors.  I absolutely love these boots!


I started a top-down, ragland sweater.


My grown up baby boy did his own taxes this year.  He now understands why everyone feels that the IRS has it's own special space in Hell.


  1. Love the boots. And now your son is officially an adult. Congrats and sympathy to you both.

    1. LOL, Thanks. Half of me is totally freaked out that he's old enough to do his own taxes. The other half of me is trying to figure out how to talk him in to doing mine.